Friday, 7 August 2015

7th August 2015

Love: This morning I had a revelation: If you'd asked me in the past what my one wish was, I would've responded "to have John back, alive and well". That is no longer the case. I think it is safe to say I have 'moved on'. My one wish now would be the somewhat less original (and less selfish), "to eradicate poverty".
Life: today has been a day of going out as soon as I've got in! I started off with a short bicycle ride which encapsulated a trip to the bicycle shop for my free service (which it didn't really need but, hey, it was free!), a trip to the library to return my books and a trip to the pharmacy to pick up my drugs... except they didn't have them because the repeat prescription had been rejected because they were waiting for my blood test results... my blood test is on Thursday! And it wouldn't be much point fucking doing it if I wasn't on my fucking hormones! So I returned home, got in the car and drove to the surgery to have it out with them! They said the on duty doctor wasn't available and to phone at 4pm. So I came home again before going out again to Birkenhead to have a late lunch and pick up some paint and a large canvas for heArt School later in the month... except the only canvas I could find the right size was reduced because it'd all got damaged! So I came home again and did some weeding... before going out again to have it out with them again at the surgery for 4pm. When I got there they said it had all been processed and the prescription sent to the pharmacy. So I phoned the pharmacy there and then to be sure and, yep, they'd received the prescription. But I have to allow three days for it to be done so I shan't get it until next week now! So I came home... before going out again, once the rush hour traffic had died down, to HobbyCraft at Aintree to get a big canvas. It says something that I'd rather drive all the way out to Aintree rather than pay the car parking prices in Liverpool city centre! Anyway, I got my canvas. So then I came home again, had tea and watched World's End (the Simon Pegg film) on Netflix.
Career: what career?