Saturday, 29 August 2015

29th August 2015

Love: I was cooked the loveliest salmon this evening by Amore. It was delicious and it was also fab to use my dining table for what it was designed for! :)
Life: today Amore and I had a jolly good wander around Liverpool! We must've done a fair few miles! I was also shown Abakhan - a materials emporium - which I shall definitely be returning to! :) then we wandered over to the library and I showed Amore the Picton reading room and the view from the roof terrace before we wandered over to the docks and had a look at the maritime museum with its exhibits of the Titanic, merchant shipping and gay life. It was fascinating reading that life aboard the ships - in particular the merchant ships - was like a Mecca for gay men. I don't have any memories of my grandad Smith - who was in the merchant navy - but it's quite amusing to think he would've been surrounded by such ott gay life! I do remember my grandma Smith though and I'm certain she wouldn't have approved! Lol! After the museum we hoped to see a folk concert but it was sold out. So we came home to the salmon supper Amore cooked me and watched Lady Jane - about 'Queen' Jane Seymore - on Netflix.
One Thing: In case you hadn't already guessed the one thing that made today a day worth living was my fish supper. It was just such a lovely treat! I thoroughly enjoyed it! :)