Saturday, 1 August 2015

1st August 2015

Love: Warning: TMI! I love how my breasts are growing. They're really beginning to look quite full now and might even make an A cup. The growth is so slow and minimal that it hardly looks like they're growing at all but every now and then I'll catch myself in the mirror and be surprised how they're developing. It's really quite thrilling! :)
Life: Today was Liverpool Pride. This year funding was cut and, in the end, I don't think they got any funding at all! (But don't quote me on that!) So it ended up being all re-arranged at the last minute but the upshot was, instead of putting on a load of crap music stars and charging for the privilege of it, they've put on a free weekend of community events in the community! Which imho is infinitely preferable! Last year was a travesty imho and left me seriously deflated! But this year was fantastic - despite the heavy rain showers! I thoroughly enjoyed myself helping promote Big Love Sista! Aside from the funding and weather issues, I hope this year will set a blueprint that they follow every year and we don't go back to the soulless Pride we had last year! 
Anniversary: Today was also the 14th anniversary of John and I becoming a couple. I haven't really thought about it all day and I'm not sure I feel much about it - neither sad or happy - but I am sure I've done the right thing in not trying to celebrate/commemorate it on my own. John is my past and I'm sure he'd want it that way and be thrilled that I'm enjoying the present and looking to the future. Miss him though. :(