Wednesday, 5 August 2015

5th August 2015

Love: I love being part of a 'tribe', as Clare calls it, like Big Love Sista. I love the fact that we come together for each other. I love the fact I'm treated no different to anyone else. I will forever be grateful to Jayne for being there for me in those harsh months of 2013 but being part of a tribe gives me hope that, should I ever be down on my luck again, things will be different and I won't feel so lonely and unloved (if you're offended by this, then please bear in mind that you're not me and so don't have my perspective).
Life: Today I've had a fairly easy going afternoon. I finished my book and can't wait to start the next one (If The Buddha Dated), joined Elloa Atkinson's Fearless Challenge group, had my tea and then went to the cinema to watch Ted 2 which has had some pretty dire reviews but I went because I'm a fan of the first Ted movie and the trailer looked pretty decent. I was warned to watch out for "the joke", which I'm presuming was the transphobic joke that made me roll my eyes rather than the barrage of sexist, homophobic and racist jokes throughout the movie. Am I a bad person because racist, homophobic and sexist jokes make me laugh? Or a bad person because, out of all the bad taste humour in it, its the one that hit closest to home that I minded? Maybe I'm just a bad person with a bad sense of humour? Whatever, I found the movie hilarious. And, whilst I'm at it, I may as well confess I've warmed considerably to Frankie Boyle in the past 12 months. I won't defend these things. They're just facts. As is the fact that prejudice is not OK.
Career: A quick and easy morning volunteering today. I'm now off to Monday. I must say I'm liking this new easy going approach to work. It hardly feels like I'm working at all! :)